Artist's Statement




Usually, but not exclusively, my paintings are based on landscape or still life, but are rarely directly representational. Paintings are often produced on the completion of a journey - either abroad or within the British Isles, and are evolved from memories, drawings and notes done on the spot. Music and literature sometimes provide additional source material.

Much of my work is based on the coasts of Cornwall and Scotland and where I  live,  at Crosswater,  - the farm and nurseries, surrounding landscape of gardens, woods and heathland - areas both familiar and intimate, wild and remote.  I enjoy exploring this variety, which constantly pushes me to broaden and extend my artistic vocabulary.  I am intrigued by how landscapes are shaped, by ourselves and our ancestors, leaving traces, marks and echoes.  I collect objects, perhaps while out walking the dog, such as stones, leaves and feathers, which when painted create layers  of texture, colour and interwoven history.

I often paint and repaint canvasses so that traces of the original images remain present and  the work undergoes a process of metamorphosis.